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Revolutionizing Conversations: The Kognetiks Chatbot for WordPress Update

These past two weeks have been focused on several enhancements to the Kognetiks Chatbot for WordPress.  Two enhancements stand out over many lesser ones, most notably Prompted Initiation and response links and images. Prompted Initiation This functionality allows the chatbot to start a conversation based on a predefined prompt.  It’s like giving the chatbot a […]

Enhancing Engagement: Introducing Audience Choice in Kognetiks Chatbot for WordPress

This week has been filled with opportunities and challenges.  Most notable this week was the rebranding from “Chatbot ChatGPT” to “Kognetiks Chatbot for WordPress”.  Among many things a new feature was added: Audience Choice. Audience Choice The new Audience for Chatbot setting can be found on the main Setting page of the chatbot.  You’ll find […]

Revolutionizing WordPress: The Latest Enhancements to the AI Powered Chatbot for WordPress Plugin Version 1.8.8

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on several updates to the AI Powered Chatbot for WordPress plugin which were incorporated into version 1.8.8 yesterday. Support for Customizable CSS If there is an element of the Chatbot’s design that really clashes with your theme, you now can override any of the elements found […]

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